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Khadi Linen 02 - Pure Linen Fabric

Khadi Linen 02 - Pure Linen Fabric

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Fabric Name : Khadi Linen 02

Fabric Width - 58 inches.

Fabric Construction - Pure Linen, 60 Lea x 60 Lea.

Consumption As Per Garment:- Shirt/Top (1.60 meters), Kurti/Kurta (2.25 meters).

Linen Studio’s 60 Lea Khadi collection is unisex and can be stitched by your preferred tailor into shirts, tops, kurtas, or kurtis

Irrespective of your age, gender, size, shape, religion, caste, and creed, linen has universal appeal and makes an amazing comfort statement.


*What is Lea? 

Lea is the count of the fabric. Pure Linen comes in different varieties. The higher the lea, the more light weight, more comfortable, more premium the fabric.  

Disclaimer: Slight difference in colour from product image is possible. 

Reference Code :  LFKHADI02


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