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Pure Linen Digital Printed Fabric - 60 Lea

Pure Linen Digital Printed Fabric - 60 Lea

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Introducing our Pure Linen Digital Printed Fabrics – the canvas for your creativity and the foundation for a versatile wardrobe that exudes both comfort and sophistication. Each piece of fabric is a testament to the beauty of digital artistry, blended seamlessly with the timeless elegance of linen. Suitable for everyone who values quality and style, our linen fabric invites you to transform it into a garment that mirrors your unique aesthetic and flair.

Product Features:

1. *Premium Quality Linen:* Our fabrics are woven from 100% pure linen fibers, known for their natural breathability, durability, and luxurious texture. Linen's characteristic lightness and comfort make it perfect for year-round wear, adapting to both warm and cool climates with ease.

2. *Exquisite Digital Prints:* Embellished with high-resolution digital prints, these fabrics feature vibrant colours and intricate patterns that are designed to remain crisp and bright even after multiple washes. The state-of-the-art digital printing technology ensures that each design is detailed, colour-fast, and aesthetically pleasing.

3. *Versatile Use:* Whether you are looking to stitch a casual shirt, an elegant top, a traditional kurta or kurti, a chic dress, a flowing gown, or any other garment, our Pure Linen Digital Printed Fabrics offer the ideal canvas. The fabric's adaptability makes it suitable for a wide array of clothing styles, fitting for different occasions and personal preferences.

4. *Eco-Friendly:* Linen is an inherently eco-friendly material, made from the flax plant which requires less water and fewer pesticides than cotton. Our digital printing process also reduces waste and energy consumption compared to traditional printing methods, making your choice both stylish and sustainable.

5. *Easy Care:* Despite its delicate appearance, linen is easy to maintain. It becomes softer with each wash and is machine washable. Our digitally printed designs are made to last, ensuring that your garment maintains its beauty over time.

6. *Unisex Appeal:* The timeless beauty of linen combined with modern digital prints is not confined by gender. Our fabrics are designed to be as versatile as your imagination, allowing for creations that suit everyone's style, whether you identify as male, female, or prefer gender-neutral attire.

7. *Available in Various Designs:* Our collection features a range of prints from florals to geometrics, abstracts to nature-inspired themes, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences. Each design is curated to complement the natural texture of linen, ensuring that your finished garment is both unique and on-trend.

Each yard of our Pure Linen Digital Printed Fabric is a promise of quality, style, and versatility. Unleash your creativity and tailor your next favorite piece of clothing with a fabric that speaks to the heart of innovation and tradition. Embrace the blend of art and nature, and wear your design with pride, knowing that you have chosen a product that looks and feels good, while also being kind to the planet.
Consumption As Per Garment (upto size 42) :- Bandi / Waist Coat (1.30 meters), Shirts / Tops (1.60 meters), Kurtis / Kurtas (2.25 meters) 
Please refer to Size Chart at the end of the page for more details.
Disclaimer: Slight difference in colour from actual product is normal due to camera and studio lighting.

Why Linen?

You can not love nature without really caring about it. We at Linen Studio genuinely believe in this. Hence, the love for an all natural fabric. A fabric that unquestionably is the most sustainable, 100% biodegradable, produces zero waste, retains carbon that is released into the atmosphere, requires no pesticide or fertilizers to grow, requires less water and is also reported to have low toxic risks for aquatic life. As a bonus it is naturally hypoallergenic. Which means, it is good for you and the environment!
In a world where Netflix is showing us the adverse affects of global warming with shows like Our Planet, River Blue and Kiss the ground (just to name a few), we believe that we can make a small but meaningful difference by doing our part RIGHT.
Buying from us helps drive our commitment to a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.
We at Linen Studio have a plain and simple aim to provide our customers with an affordable luxury and that is exactly why we offer fabrics and readymades which not only absorb sweat 10 times faster, but also weigh lesser than any other fabric in comparison and keeps you cool - all of this while becoming softer with every wash!
Switch To Linen Studio Today And Experience Luxury.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy :
We have a very simple Shipping Policy. All orders are generally packed within 12-15 hours after order confirmation and shipped within the next 12-15 hours. Express shipping parcels are shipped in the first 4 hours itself (during working hours). 
We have free shipping Pan India for all orders above Rs.1000
Simple and extremely open return exchange terms : 
Fabrics are cut as per your orders. So unless there is a defect / damage or if the item is different from what you had ordered - you can not exchange or return it.
We do not have a refund policy. Incase of returns, the entire amount will be given to you in the form of a credit coupon valid for 6 months!

Size Chart

This fabric is 58 inches in width and requires :
  • Shirts / Tops - 1.60 / 1.80 mtr
  • Kurti / Kurta - 2.25 / 2.50 mtr
  • Blazer / Jacket- 2.00 / 2.20 mtr
  • Trousers / Chinos - 1.30 / 1.40 mtr
  • 2 piece Suit - 3.30 mtr
  • 3 piece Suit - 4.20 mtr
  • Nehru Jacket / Bandi / Waist Coat - 1.30 mtr
  • Palazzo - 1.60 mtr
  • Crop Tops - 1.30 mtr
  • Blouse - 1.00 mtr
  • Flared Kurti - 2.75 mtr
  • Anarkali - 3.00 mtr 
  • Churidhar - 2.25 mtr
  • Skirts - 2.00 mtr to 3.00 mtr

Wash Care Instructions

Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, which is pretty neat. Wash linen on low temperatures in lukewarm or cold, and preferably soft, water.Use the gentle machine cycle and a mild detergent to protect the fibres.
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